Thursday, Jun 6, 2019

The SCI Store is currently closed as we update the site with new models and pricing.

The SCI Store is undergoing significant changes for the 2019-20 academic year and the opening will be slightly delayed. The expected opening is July 1.

We appreciate your patience as we make the appropriate upgrades.


Tuesday, Apr 2, 2019
by rbakken

OIT ISS is hiring!

Assistant Manager, Learning Space Support

The successful candidate will join the learning space support team assisting with our daily AV support operations for the campus community.  More information can be found in the...

Friday, Mar 22, 2019

The OIT ISS Learning Spaces Support (LSS) team worked with campus partners to renovate 30 learning spaces kicking off the new Learning Space Initiative. Over the next 5 years ISS will be renovating nearly 240 spaces.

Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018

Princeton has started a new Learning Space Initiative that will address technology and infrastructure across all campus classrooms.  

News Article - Learning Space Initiative

Wednesday, Sep 12, 2018

STCs are available all year in undergraduate and graduate housing. STCs will answer your questions about devices, software, network access, and can usually 'fix' any tech problem you may encounter.

Contact information for STCs is available at:

Monday, Jul 2, 2018

OIT Instructional Support Services is working on implementing an updated classroom technology standard for our spaces across campus.  As part of this effort and looking at future technology advances, one connection source that is increasingly difficult to support is VGA.  The ability to streamline our design and reduce legacy equipment will...

Monday, Mar 19, 2018


OIT Instructional Support Services and the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning were recently highlighted in a feature article in Campus Technology magazine:

Monday, Nov 6, 2017
by eshbaugh

OIT currently offers access to GoToMeeting for Princeton faculty and staff.

For more information or to request an account, please visit the following URL:

Video/Web Conferencing Request

Wednesday, Apr 12, 2017
by eshbaugh

The University has several state-of-the art video conferencing facilities ideal for small professional meetings or teaching.

The Office of the Registrar provides a classroom search tool, Tigerspace, to help you locate a suitable space.

Thursday, Feb 23, 2017
by eshbaugh

Based on our analysis of current Apple TV deployments across campus, we continue to increase the total number of installations of Apple TV in university spaces (both department and general assignment rooms).  At last count Hardware support had installed nearly 75 units with others (including 20 Washington) in the queue.