Update: Wireless Presentation Project Plan

Thursday, Feb 23, 2017
by eshbaugh

Based on our analysis of current Apple TV deployments across campus, we continue to increase the total number of installations of Apple TV in university spaces (both department and general assignment rooms).  At last count Hardware support had installed nearly 75 units with others (including 20 Washington) in the queue.

After meeting collectively with my team as well as consulting with users, Dave Morreale, and others in OIT, we have decided to close the project and implement the following solution:

-          Apple TV is adopted as our standard for wireless video presentation for the next three years

-          We will re-evaluate the product and technology offerings at the end of the three-year timeframe

-          OIT is working with AirParrot on licensing software options for PC users (faculty and staff) during that timeframe 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via email/phone/SN@P with any questions.  More communication pieces will be forthcoming about our deployment strategy for the AirParrot software.

-Rich Bakken